An electric vehicle in the retro style Elektrynka

Our vehicle is made by hand. The wheels, frame and body are made of wood. The whole is decorated with chrome trim. The vehicle has two engines with a total power of 2 kW. It allows to reach a speed of 25km / h and because of that our vehicle does not require registration.

Elektrynka was created in the hands of a devotee of antique vehicles, hence the stylistics of the early twenties of the last century. This vehicle is to enjoy it and provide attractions. In its current version, it can be covered about 30 kilometers without having to recharge. Elektrynka is not suitable for long journeys.

Elektrynka should be excellent as:

  • a mobile element of promotion or sale of products on historic city streets, fairs, festivals, outdoor events, etc.,
  • a car for wedding or photo sessions,
  • an attraction for hotel guests or a means of transport on short routes,
  • replacement of a known vehicle on golf courses,
  • due to the aesthetic and ecological value of the engine, as a vehicle for urban trips in the historical parts of cities,
  • vehicle for short trips on pedestrian streets, parks, etc. (max. 3 people),
  • and in many many other cases.

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